Rainbow House Support Groups

Over the Rainbow Adolescent Support Group targets girls ages 10 – 15 who have been referred to the Child Advocacy Center for an interview or therapeutic services related to sexual abuse.  The goal of the group is to serve as an outlet for discussing abuse with other survivors in a safe, confidential environment and to provide an opportunity for girls to support one another and to rebuild their ability to trust others through the group experience.  The group provides education related to healthy sexual development and decision-making, stress and relaxation, the justice system and other areas identified by families and kids as well as hands-on and fun activities targeting improved self-esteem and overall wellbeing.  There is life beyond abuse and good things can still happen! 

Safety First Play Therapy Group targets children, ages 4-6, whose parents are concerned about their sexual behaviors.  Content discussed includes feelings, safe vs. unsafe touch, secrets, safety, and empathy. 

Family Advocate Program serves the child and non-offending caregiver who have been victimized through child abuse and neglect.  The Advocate focuses on the needs of the family, offers support to the family, and assistance in connecting them with appropriate community resources.  The Advocate works in concert with other agencies to ensure that the child receives the best services available and that the family is empowered to move forward.